Rabu, 17 Agustus 2011

Toyota Rush G Luxury Production is Terminated

The Toyota Rush G Luxury production which was launched last June 2011 will be terminated since this month (August 2011). As long as 2 months, this SUV has been produced as many as 3,000 units. The presence of Rush G Luxury was a temporary replacement for Rush S variant due to the insuficient components from Japan because the earthquake and tsunami (March 2011). The difference of the two variants, the G Luxury and S variant is safety features where there is no anti-lock break system (ABS) in the G Luxury variant.

The Rush G Luxury variant termination production was said by Jimmy Anton, as the TAM Manager Communication as reported by Kompas.com.

Toyota Rush G Luxury has two options, namely : manual and automatic transmissions, each priced at Rp 201.55 million and Rp 215.55 million.

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