honda Tiger Modification Modifications Honda Tiger

Honda Tiger is a legend more than 12 years to survive in the motorcycle market is indeed a commendable achievement, although not much change except on the display. Noted AHM his whole appearance has changed three times. Last change headlights asymmetry invites applications much controversy.
Honda Tiger has dominated the sales of motor sport in Indonesia, its presence in the garage had become a pride for the owner because the Honda Tiger was climaxing the specifications of moto sport in Indonesia.
As a sport bike cruiser Honda Tiger has shown toughness, in particular has been demonstrated by members of the club – Honda Tiger motorcycle clubs such as HTML which often hold events with long distance touring. Workers are qualified, ergonomic shape, and technological simplicity of his 200-GL engine into a positive value in the ordinary touring. Honda Tiger also became the mainstay of the pelaju between cities within a short distance to the daily routine. The following are some of the Modifications Honda Tiger.