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Modifikasi Honda C70 1980 Pictures


Modifikasi Honda C70 1980 Pictures

Modifikasi Honda C70 1980 Ceper From Tasikmalaya

Children Tonk Melonk Modification from Tasikmalaya prove himself as a productive workshop in the spawn of his work in each arena contest otre digeber iron horse. One of the newest is bekjul (duck seven puluh/C70) berparas Fikri’s flat which became the center of attention of visitors the contest because her figure is cute and elegant. We take bekjul object to this honda cub remains sustainable and is not left out.

Spek mocep feet (flat motor) presented by the front suspension Honda Win a slightly bent forward like a cantilever with a silencer PSM rate. “Then in the back appear superstroke Java ceperis sleeved swing ala Posh who jabbed Tromol of the rim making body shall dicoak Yoko,” beber sokbreker custom user and rubber tires this TMT. Let more otre style, so definitely multi karbu accessories and indicators remain at the center dipantengin bone. Furthermore seat chime made of thin red painting batik motifs stripping results of spray paint and chrome by kang blinken Bie Gerlong Bandung.

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