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Yamaha Scorpio Chopper 2008

Yamaha Scorpio Chopper 2008

not have a bike, fell in love with the same Imam Syafei Honda Goldwings and liked the shape of the Suzuki Intruder. Interestingly, when called by Wiryady Ajie aka Thunder from Dawn Makmur Modification (FMM) with respect kesengsemannya, the priest has not even got the bike.

"So I bought the Yamaha Scorpio. At that time still zero kilometer, I immediately Boyong to Ajie, "recalled employee who is also a member of BRI BRI-kers Jakarta club. Matter of taste, a sport like baseball Priest and streetfighter. "I wish ergonomic design that is relaxed. Hence, the chopper is very appropriate choice, "he added.

Ajie the proffered Scorpio merombaknya responsive and direct. For him, the chassis of the center bone to the front is no need to be evaluated. "I changed from middle to the rear. Created an entirely new, "said Ajie the original AC service person.

The purpose of this change is clear. Scorpio Construction is somewhat high alert and could not be maintained for the chopper. Hence, from the middle to the back need to be made a new chassis design is slightly down, including the swing arm using a Honda Steed 400.

From there get the basic shape. Ajie necessarily make the tank plus sepatbor chopper-style ducktail in accordance with the genre. "Handlebars Raiser bullhorned including our own. Details kinds of front and rear lights and strengthening moge variations in the legs, the front Shockbreaker Aprilia upside down, "said Ajie.

Final touch, FMM choose exhaust Honda Shadow for his voice ngebas. Tidiness of work arranging chopper full dressed like this model deserves thumbs up.

As a close sepatbor ducktail rear is suitable for motorcycles neat characters and wild unimpressed. In fact, this modification is not a specialist workshop chopper.

To balance the big tank at the top, fake gearbox made from fiber is quite successful, especially the left and right boxes of homemade pretty neat and handsome appearance adds motorcycle exhaust design model

source: http://purwokerto-otomotif.blogspot .... r-2008_21.html

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Chopper 2008 Yamaha Scorpio
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