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Modification Honda Eve Neo

Modification Honda Eve Neo
Modification Honda Eve Neo
Modification Honda Eve Neo
Honda manufacturers both in Indonesia and Japan can be surprised to see Honda's Vario Ikhsan from Cimahi, Bandung. Obviously, because one of them is the concept of Honda motorcycles Eve Neo is powered by electricity now been traced so good. Of course with some penyesuaian.

Is a workshop Matic Project (MP) who had a tantrum. "Her body shape is very unique Neo, let alone a still concepts. Therefore we would imitate to be first," said Dadan AR and Ronny Wijaya, two dedengkot MP. Their foresight in choosing this design because it was tired of the same view that low rider according to their so-so only.

To obtain this form, the framework does not exist diutak fiddle with. "Just made an additional seat for step-up seat height 10 cm using a metal plate," said Ronny. While there is no cutting back of the frame altogether.

Bodi now it seems bigger. That's because there is such a box on the left and right. "Because of Eve Neo served as a storage coil chargernya, understand electric motors," said Dadan the ngebengkel on Jl. Encep Kartavirya No. 124, Cimahi, Bandung.

Wheels have been deliberately made quite extreme. Width 6 inches in front and 8 inches in the rear. "Although the body was all new, but still had to rewind the rear axle, it is shifted 18 cm," added Dadan

In addition to resign, also had to be shifted 4 cm to the left. "Using an iron box with a thickness of 3 mm," added a new Ronny this had one daughter. This shift was so straight course between the front and rear wheels.

Form of his fingers was also unique. "Deliberately created a large diameter in order to offset the wide rim and body are classified gambot," said Dadan are well aware Nurfilini design problems. Stem radius of aluminum is a size 3 mm.

Masalah detail, Dadan and Ronny looked so slick guard. please see the attached selection of small parts in this funny skubek. For example the form of headlamps fitted with the small but the overall look.

So also with the model and sepatbor rear stop lamp. Rada body shapes that matched the box with brake lights that have the same shape. "So also for sepatbor, should be able to follow the alteration of the body," added Dadan ever make low rider skubek borrowed time mat Jakarta Yamaha Motorcycle Show. Sure mejeng at booth PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI).

So also with the installation of small antennas in the back. "That is to adjust the handlebars which is rather high," he said. Clever!

DATA Modification Honda Eve Neo:

Front rim: Custom 6 x 14 inches
Front tire: 140/60-14 Swallow
Rear rim: Custom 8 x 14 inches
Rear tire: 160/60-14 Swallow
Sok back: Jupiter MX 135LC
Handlebar: Custom
Exhaust: Custom
Head lamp: Custom
Sein: Suzuki Karimun
Modification Honda Eve Neo

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