Kamis, 16 Juni 2011

Spy Shots: New Honda V4 motorcycle

Spy Shots: New Honda V4 motorcycle

Every year, always appear new models motorcycle. End of the year in the Intermot show in Germany, the Honda was taken off the cover radical concept motorcycles that promise will soon be entering the production is supported by a strong new engine v4. Introduction of new motor clear close as a series of new spy photos clearly show the bike on the road.

Shortly before the bike and have been spied on in the real world, Motorcycle News in the UK managed to obtain a series of leaked photos of new bike in what appears to be production-ready form. From the picture, we can be that new features Honda sportbike geometry akan relaxed upright position with the seat, one-hand-drive shaft and swingarm as Cylon single headlamp front flanked by twin ram air ducts.

Current speculation is that this new bike will be known as VFR1200 and v4 has a new engine that will put out close to 200 horsepower. Powerplant suspected akan features variable cylinder management, which will be capable of running in two of the four cylinders to save fuel when maximum power is not needed. It seems likely that Honda will officially debut at the bike later this year with sales planned for early 2010.apakah you want to buy the bike?

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