Selasa, 16 Agustus 2011

2009 Mid-Ohio Honda Super Cycle Weekend - Sexy Umbrella Girls & Race Queens!


Rockstar Energy Drink Girls from 2009 Honda Super Cycle Weekend

The 2009 Honda Super Cycle Weekend at Mid-Ohio was a terrific event with Daytona SportBike, Supersport, American Superbike and MotoGT races all taking place over the same 3 days. The process of getting bikes onto the track before each race can be a tiresome process. Riders have to stand on the grid while all of the pre-race checks take place and also hang around for a little bit of fan appreciation. Because the racers are all decked out in flame-retardant suits and pounds of protective gear, it can get very hot. So, in order to keep these guys cool, many sponsors will spring for Paddock Girls to hold umbrellas over the riders or even just their bikes. And Honda Super Cycle Weekend had no shortage of promotional models functioning as Umbrella Girls. Now that this very dry and boring description (if anyone actually read this at all) has been delivered, I hope this installment of pictures from the event will make it all worth while.

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