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2010 Honda VFR1200F Officially Revealed - Photos, Details & Specs


2010 Honda VFR 1200F

The Honda VR and VFR series of street bikes has a long and storied history. VF stands for Vee-Four while VFR means Vee-Four Racing. The name comes from the fact that when looking at the the engine along the axis of the crankshaft, the cylinders and pistons are set up in two separate banks in the shape of a V. Honda was one of the original architects of the V-type four-cylinder engine used for motorcycles. The first generation models dropped in 1982. Now, on generation seven, Honda is releasing a technological marvel with their new 2010 VFR1200F.  Available in the Spring of 2010, the new VFR will come in two forms - a standard model and a one equipped with a dual-clutch automatic transmission, an industry first for a large-displacement bike.

The new Honda VFR1200F sports a 1,237cc V4 motor featuring a unicam crankshaft, variable cylinder management, offset cylinder spacing and throttle-by-wire with an output of 172hp and 95 lb-ft of torque. This is a big engine for a big bike. The European version will tip the scales at 588 lbs with the US version weighing in at 591 pounds. If you opt for the dual-clutch model, the extra heft pushes the weight to 613 pounds.

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