Selasa, 16 Agustus 2011

Castrol Moto's Flossie the Motorcycle Test Robot (VIDEO)


Castrol Moto Flossie Motorcycle Test Robot

Boy, times are a changin'. We hem and haw about jobs going overseas  but no one wants to talk about what's really going on. Every day more and more jobs are being passed on to robots. For example, take a look at Castrol Moto's new robotic motorcycle rider, Flossie, a mechanical 'being' created to test synthetic oils.  Good ole' Flossie can handle any type of motorcycle or scooter with his self-learning mode and quickly get up to speed on gear change patterns, clutch feel and throttle acceleration to dole out some serious rpms under a variety of simulated conditions that could be too harsh for us fragile humans to manage.

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