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electric motor Chassis R-Alike Technology Mission Ducati GP10

Long Beach - Looking at the structure and composition of the chassis, engine and other components in a motorcycle would have been ordinary. But the electric-powered sport bike would have never seen it? 

Well, Mission R fairingnya kind enough to open the entire composition and show what kind of chassis. James Parker, R Mission chassis designer explained in detail through photographs. 

Unlike conventional sports motorcycle chassis turbular delatbox or worn separately with the engine. At Mission R-like chassis that is used on Ducati GP10 MotoGP event. 

This makes the engine chassis and the chassis is a unity as a framework that makes motorcycle can stand up. Engine and chassis tie all the components in a motorcycle. 

"Mission Chassis R uses a unique component to achieve the demands of geometry and packaging of products of high-performance motorcycles," go to Parker. 

Batteries are placed in the middle to bridge three different structures. The first structure, at the front there is an aluminum box that holds komstir and front suspension. 

"In the back of the battery connect the electric motor, primary drive, and drive shaft and the pivot for the swing arm," he explained. 

The electric motor becomes a second structure which is not separate from but concurrent duty chassis as the chassis. Because the electric motor on the Mission's R also serves as the holder of the rear swing arm. 

One more structural steel is chrome-moly chassis that became all at once strengthen grip battery protector between the first and second structures (komstir holder and electric motor). 

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