Selasa, 16 Agustus 2011

Erik Buell Racing 1190RS Debuts, Asks “Harley Who?”


Erik Buell Racing 1190RS side view

After having his streetbike brand closed down and being kicked to the curb along with MV Agusta during Harley-Davidson’s Great Recession fire sale, you could forgive Erik Buell for abandoning the bikebuilding business altogether out of disgust. But he’s not only stuck with building racing motorcycles under the Erik Buell Racing banner, but he’s also jumping back into the roadgoing bike business with both feet.

Initially, Erik Buell Racing was only going to build racing bikes, but the 1190RR proved to be such a potent package that apparently it just seemed criminal to not tame it just enough to register on the street. The resulting street legal superbike – the 1190 RS – is indeed little more than a racing bike with a headlight and license-plate bracket. But what are the specifics?

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