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Honda Scoopy, The Modern-Retro Motorbike

Honda Scoopy is 110 cc Pictures

2010 Honda Scoopy 110 CC

Honda Scoopy finally launched in Indonesia by PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM). The retro-modern Scoopy comes to fulfill the young people need about to perform differently. Honda Scoopy has equipped with magnet key, lock brake and automatic side buffer. The engine capacity of Honda Scoopy is 110 cc 4 strokes.

Scoopy Honda will be one of Honda’s flagship product will be launched in a few moments. Motor scooter type that is very attractive and designed to perfection. Latest 2010 Honda Scoopy quite eccentric and wonderful this will be one of the most sought after motorcycles this year.

Scoopy the first base was developed in Japan in 1992 is skutik that lead to their lifestyles. With a piece of rounded, sweet and pleasant, Scoopy disegmenkan for young people.

Scoopy carry the 110cc engine, single cylinder four-step. Honda claims this skutik only requires a liter of gasoline every 49 km.Scoopy distance to which it would be different, “said Marketing Director of PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) Julius Aslan at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Jakarta (05/18/2010).

Julius also said that the birth Scoopy in the homeland will be a trendsetter among the lovers of two wheels homeland.

Because the display of the riders Scoopy retronya will look different on the road and will look more stylish.

“Scoopy Users will become the trendsetter in the environment,” concluded Julius.

Sccopy plan will be launched on May 20, 2010 AHM later. Scoopy will be strengthened using the 110 engine with carburetor pengabutan system.

And for the price, Scoopy will be placed under and above the price Vario BEAT price.

“Prices will definitely affordable and competitive,” says Julius without giving detailed figures.

Maybe this is one production that will compete with Honda Yamaha Production, Xeon 125 is Yamaha and Suzuki’s production, namely Samash Suzuki Titan, which is also the latest motorcycle production in 2010 this year

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