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Replace Tooth Starter Yamaha Mio, Rhino For Bore-Up Machine

Yamaha Mio is famous all-round scooter. Kitchen pacunya can dibore-up big. Unlike other scooter has a maximum limit-up bore smaller. Mio can be up to 350 cc lo. 

Unfortunately when applying the combustion chamber volume is big, there are consequences to be faced. For general enlargement of the capacity impact of high pressure compression part. So need a strong starter motor rotate crankshaft when still want to enable the electric starter. 

That was still no risk anymore. "Many cases bore the Mio-ups who still use the electric starter, starter gear (idle gear) in the fall (Fig.1)," said Benny Rahmawan of the R & D PT Mitra2000 in the region Lodan Center, Ancol, Jakut while showing the components referred from Mio-ups bore drag bike Mitra2000 property. 

"Several times similar cases have ever occurred in the engine of our consumer Mio also dibore-up 200-250 cc. In fact, up to 3 times instead of the idle gear, "said Juffry, Mitra2000 crew. Apparently, Benny and Juffry advanced, built-in motor starter gear is designed for engine power or a minimum standard that rises cc not much. 

Well, because often find something like that, Mitra2000 akhinya try to develop a stronger idle gear (Fig.2) for the machines bore-up big. TDR brand labeled with the official price of Rp 175 thousand."We have been marketed. Can be found at oulet TDR-outlet anywhere, "Benny promotion. 

So, for you who it is dibore Mio-up above 150 cc and baseball starter willing to experience tooth loss, it may jajal TDR products. The shape is guaranteed to exactly match the congenital motor.So to dismantle the same pair of idle gear kayak factory default. 

Namely the early date CVT cover. But before you uninstall first cover body on the left side of the deck and step the left foot. "The equipment required include the key T-8 mm, T-12 mm and a screwdriver and development," said Cece Hermawan, Mitra2000 mechanic. 

After the CVT cover off, then come off the primary pulley. When hard work on their own, can ask the help of workshops to have complete equipment. Due to remove pulley nut fastening it, had to use tracker for holding the round pulley or directly on impact drill (Fig.3). 

Finished pulleys were lifted, new starter gear deh could be dismantled. Namely by removing the two screws fastening the plate holder to use the key to T-8 mm earlier (Fig.4). Then after that pull your teeth out and put another starter idle gear wear replacement that has been provided.(

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