Selasa, 16 Agustus 2011

SEMA Show 2009: Mavizen TTX02 Electric Race Bike Does 130 MPH


Mavizen TTX02 Electric Racebike

This year's SEMA Show served as a launch pad for the Mavizen TTX02 electric motorcycle, a highly anticipated green bike that will test its mettle at the TTXGP race in May of next year. Azhar Hussain, whose name may be familiar as the founder of TTGXP, is the entrepreneur behind this race-bike. It's still a rumor but it looks like the chassis of the TTX02 is based on the KTM RC8 superbike, a solid platform well known for superior handling at high speeds. As a forgone conclusion, this new dynamo should perform quite well.

The Mavizen TTX02 is powered by two Agni 95 electric motors that output a total of 100 peak horsepower. Torque should be absolutely phenomenal. Three lithium-ion battery packs provide all of the juice required. No word on the mileage yet, but it will at least be capable of running the 38 miles of the TTXGP Isle of Man race course.

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