Selasa, 16 Agustus 2011

VIDEO: Chopper Shop Brings Tron Light Cycle to Life


Parker Brothers Choppers Tron Light Cycle Right Side view

By the early 1980s, the Computer Age had well and truly dawned. Personal computers began popping up in homes and offices with increasing regularity, and video arcades dotted the American landscape and were favored hangouts of many a youth. (Yes, kids, you used to have to leave the house to get your gaming fix. And interact with other people. Face-to-face. Terrifying, no?)

Of course, all this new technology provided plenty of fodder for Hollywood screenwriters, who turned out many a tale of digital deviousness. One of the most memorable such films was 1982’s Tron, a Disney vehicle that saw Kevin Flynn – played by a 16-years B.D. (Before The Dude) Jeff Bridges – sucked into a computer, whereupon he had to fight for his real survival in a virtual world. One of the means of putting him in peril was the light cycle, and with the sequel (which has Bridges reprising his role and, more importantly, Olivia Wilde as the female lead) hitting theaters in a couple weeks, one custom bike shop clearly thought it would be cool to make the new-generation light cycle a reality.

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