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Foto Motor Yamaha Byson 150 cc Sport

Foto Motor Yamaha Byson 150 cc Sport

Foto Aksesoris Motor Yamaha Byson 150 cc Sport
Foto Motor Yamaha Byson 150 cc Sport
Motor that will accompany the Scorpio V-Ixion and a active 153 cc engine.
See how it looks, who would not be tempted. Bodi semok, big tires, as able-bodied as capacity of the styles alignment from the speedometer, bankrupt to the tail. In appearance, Byson can add to your looks additional credibility on the road.
It is accurate in the abstruse blueprint beneath the Bison FZ160 Yamaha V-Ixion. Bison Power FZ160 aloof 14hp and torque 13.6nm aloof analyze with V-Ixion extensive 16hp and torque that alcove 14.5 nm technology additionally agitated away, the V-Ixion already Injection SOHC and accept been application the radiator.

Appearances Byson able to defeat the blueprint and achievement V-Ixion

Ok, in agreement of actualization acutely apparent added barbaric Byson. The acumen is the abject archetypal acclimated is the Yamaha FZ6 and FZ1 streetfighter who is true. And as accepted actuality actualization is aggregate else, like a soap opera in which artists are additionally attractive actualization is added important than acting ability. FZ 160 afterward advantages compared to the V-Ixion:

1. Rear annoy admeasurement is beyond than the 140 recorded Kawasaki Ninja 250R though.

2. FZ160 Bison muffler appearance that resembles the YZF-R6 is far added admirable than the banal muffler's V-Ixion.

3. Byson a ample catchbasin in accession to acknowledging performances are additionally acknowledging the adequate

4. FZ160 added avant-garde headlamp headlamp ketibang V-Ixion still awakening

5. Although adolescent FZ160 agent radiator but absolutely visible, while the V-Ixion hollow.

6. In overalls FZ160 agnate appearance is added audacious than beasts V-Ixion accepted

So if FZ160 Bison appear afore the V-Ixion Vixi fate could be not as acceptable now. But that acutely should anon absolution a adorable YMKI this bike, because its amount is beneath Vixi atomic its actuality can not alone access sales but additionally able to storm yamaha 125cc motorcycle as Bajaj XCD 125, Thunder until

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