Selasa, 16 Agustus 2011

Design+Industry Strike Trike Straddles the Line between Supercar and Superbike [w/ Video


Design+Industry Strike Trike right front 3/4 view

There’s a good chance your first ride was a tricycle. And there should be no mystery as to why they’re so popular: They combine the simplicity and maneuverability of a two-wheeled vehicle with the stability of a four-wheeled vehicle. Trikes are pretty much the optimum mobility solution for tykes on the go.

But what about the transportation needs of adults? Sadly, three-wheelers get pushed to the periphery for us mature audiences. However, trikes seem to be experiencing a bit of a renaissance among designers and manufacturers. This group of three-wheeler true believers includes the Australian firm Design+Industry, which has unveiled the racy looking Strike Trike seen here.

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