Selasa, 16 Agustus 2011

Eyal Melnick’s Drag-On Concept Packs a Camaro V6 Punch


Eyal Melnick Drag-On Concept in the dirt

Six-cylinder pony cars have, for better or worse, been derided by many as being “secretary specials” for, well, ever. And, in fairness, many youthful, independent career girls – and not just in the appointment-scheduling and dictation-taking fields, but also the likes of hairdressing, retail and teaching (Hi Mom!) – have signed on the dotted lines for such cars, usually because they were deemed by their purchasers to be sporty, cute, economical, a good value, and/or not too powerful for non-hoon feminine tastes.

But as the Bard of Hibbing says, the times, they are a’ changin’. The current V6 variants of the Camaro and Mustang both feature sophisticated four-cam, 24-valve mills producing in excess of 300hp, with exact figures that meet (in the case of the Mustang) or beat (in the case of the Camaro) the outputs of their immediate predecessors’ base V8s. How’s that for progress? It also begs the question: What other vehicles could benefit from these compact, rev-happy mills? For at least one industrial designer, the answer is motorcycles.

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