Jumat, 14 Oktober 2011

Harga Mobil Suzuki - Oktober 2011

Harga Mobil Suzuki Baru
Here is the list of new Suzuki car price list applied for Jabotabek region, for October 2011. The price list below is an information only, where the actual price could be changed depends on the Suzuki authorized dealers.

No.Suzuki ModelsPrice (Rp.)
1Carry Pick Up 1.588.500.000
2Real Van DX104.000.000
3Real Van GX 112.000.000
4Mega Carry90.000.000
5Karimun Estilo130.500.000
6Splash GL146.000.000
7APV Mega Carry 86.000.000
8APV Blind Van Low 95.000.000
9APV Blind Van High 101.000.000
10APV GE (Face to Face) 132.000.000
11APV GE - PS 135.000.000
12APV GL Arena145.000.000
13APV GX Arena157.000.000
14APV GX AT Arena 168.000.000
15APV SGX Arena 162.000.000
16APV SGX AT Arena 173.000.000
17APV Luxury MT R15 171.500.000
18APV Luxury AT R15 182.500.000
19APV Luxury MT R17 175.500.000
20APV Luxury AT R17 186.500.000
21Swift ST MT173.500.000
22Swift ST AT184.500.000
23Swift GT3 MT 187.500.000
24Swift GT3 AT 198.500.000
25SX 4 Cross Over MC MT202.500.000
26SX 4 Cross Over MC AT213.500.000
27Grand Vitara 2.0 MT295.000.000
28Grand Vitara 2.0 AT 306.000.000
29Grand Vitara 2.4 MT317.500.000
30Grand Vitara 2.4 AT328.500.000

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