Jumat, 14 Oktober 2011

John Abraham’s new custom bike “Light Foot”


John Abraham’s Love for bikes is not new to us. This time he gifted himself a new custom bike specially made by from scratch by the Jaipur based motorcycle custom builder ”Rajputana Custom”.
Vijay Singh, Rajputana Customs Co-Owner said, “The bike we have built for John is an extension of his personality and taste. For instance, the bike is subtle, simplistic, and a complete stand-out much like John’s calm and uncomplicated demeanor but amazing presence”.
It took 50 days to custom build the bike. Every thing on the bike has been made by hand, the chassis, single side-drum brakes, rims, spokes, girder-fork front suspension, gas tank, handle bars, seat, fenders, internal throttle assembly, even heads of the screws were shaved to make them sit flush and achieve an unmatched finish

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