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2005 Yamaha r6


2005 Yamaha r6, On the surface, the changes to the 2005 model-a new fork, front brakes and revised engine tuning-don't seem highly significant, and we were unsure how much difference we would feel when MCUSA was invited to sample the revised screamer on an introductory street ride in Southern California last week. The fuel-injection's throttle bodies go up in size from 38mm to 40mm for more top-end power. Yamaha claims a more linear power curve and a gain of 3 hp at 13,000 rpm.

The big difference in feel is the result of many small chassis changes. First off, its larger diameter changes the steering geometry, and, second, it raises the front end of the bike.

In practice, the new bike steers with an assuredness previously unknown toYamaha R6 riders. The taller front tire may also offer benefits in bump absorption, as the front end feels a bit more compliant over small bumps, despite a slight increase in front and rear spring rates. So Yamaha bit the upturned bullet and fitted a 41mm inverted Kayaba fork to satisfy both the racers and the posers. Nods to racetrack performance include the aforementioned spring rate increase and more buttoned-down damping characteristics. To balance the more rigid fork, Yamaha has strengthened the casting where the beautiful controlled-fill aluminum swingarm attaches.
The preload changes I made resulted in more compliance but it still didn't feel as supple as our previous R6s.

Also more rigid (and just as trendy as the inverted fork) are the R6's new radial-mount brake calipers lifted from the Yamaha R1. Despite a 12mm jump in rotor diameter to 310mm, Yamaha says the weight of the brakes is reduced by 7% due in large part to the disc's 0.5mm thinner section.

My first thoughts about the trick new front brakes weren't outstandingly positive.

As previous, the R6 makes a fairly comfortable street ride. That track success and a humane riding environment has also made the R6 desirable for street riders, even newbies. Yamaha did some name-dropping at the intro, noting that Brad Pitt is the latest celebrity to ride its finely honed middleweight sportbike.

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