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2011 Boulevard S40 Features

2011 Boulevard S40 Features

2011 Boulevard S40 Features
Engine Features
Boulevard S40 features 652cc four-stroke engine, SOHC, single-cylinder engine with TSCC (Twin Swirl Combustion Chambers) cylinder head and high mass crankshaft that produces a powerful energy and low-end torque.

A black engine case and cylinder with polished cylinder head fins offer finished appearance. Zinc-plated cylinder mounting bolts (high quality plated finish is corrosion resistant) blends with black engine color for a more detailed view.

A decompression system with automatic electric starter provides quick, easy engine starting.

Boulevard S40 is equipped with precision electronic ignition system with maintenance-free battery.
Chassis Features
Hydraulic disc brakes front and rear brake drum-type give a strong, reliable braking performance.

A "rear tire and slim 19" width 15 front tires give the appearance of a classic car.

Polished spoke wheels give a classic look like larger cruiser models and fork bracket features polished finish coat of durable attractive and clear.

A, sleek appearance of the saddle adds Boulevard S40 is efficient. The height of the seat is low (only 27.6 inches) is great for entry-level rider who is less than or.

Boulevard S40 is equipped with fuel tank draw a tear drop-shaped (2.8 gal capacity) with flush-mounted speedometer.

Custom flat handlebar design provides the appearance, clean, sporty, while custom-style rear view mirrors provide an interesting view (similar to larger Boulevard models).

Rear reflector integrated with the taillight for a clean, finished appearance to the back of the bike.
Transmission Features
A 5-speed transmission with belt-drive system is low maintenance. Belt drive is quiet, durable, easy to adjust and clean.

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