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Comparison of Features, Hayate CBS Vario 125 vs. 125 Techno and Xeon

Comparison of Features, Hayate CBS Vario 125 vs. 125 Techno and Xeon

Suzuki Hayate 125 is the next generation Suzuki Skywave 125 was officially sold in Indonesia. Carrying the 125cc engine and removed the price of Rp 14.3 million (on the road in Jakarta), which uses skubek Bacdhim Irfan model is equivalent juxtaposed with CBS Vario Techno and Xeon 125.

All three are positioned as skubek that one level, both fall into the category Hi-End skubek. The price was not much different, and Xeon Vario Techno CBS released Rp 15.8 million. So also with the features and technology. Yuks we compare!

Leisure and Accommodation Features

By design, the three features designed a futuristic impression but without forgetting the needs and comfort of the rider. All three offer a thick seat that will make comfortable for long drive.

Feet wide and Vario CBS owned Xeon Techno, but on the Hayate is still obstructed in the middle of the chassis. Even so, based on driving experience with Hayate 125, the available leg room is still quite comfortable.

Circumference of 16 inches and dual wheels on the rear suspension makes Hayate claimed superior about comfort. Large rim diameter is believed to absorb shocks better than the 14-inch wheels.
Features and Machine Technology

The specifications of the engine, the most likely champion Xeon. The engine 125cc single cylinder, SOHC with 2 valves equal Hayate, but is equipped with a water cooler. Medium Vario Techno CBS although only 110cc is equipped with a water cooler.

The capacity of the machine itself requires a larger fuel supply, so wear Hayate and Xeon berventuri 26 mm carburetor, while the CBS Vario Techno only 22 mm.

But karbu Xeon more sophisticated because it is equipped with TPS (Throttle Position Sensor), which provide appropriate input openings ignition of gas shells. The result is claimed to be more complete combustion.

Xeon also have adopted equivalent DiASil Cylinder wear Hayate the SCEM (Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material. The advantage of this material can make a stronger cylinder block and antigores. In addition, to reduce overheating.

As for the power generated, Hayate and the Xeon equivalent to the power 9.6 Ps, being only 8.99 Vario Techno CBS Ps, although the smallest Vario believed to have more efficient fuel consumption than both these rivals

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