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MV Agusta made the motor big(moge-in indonesian laguage). the sport kind in a few (limited) that was given the label of F4CC. Model that was created by sport and was powerful horrifying. Moreover the speed of his maximum could reach around 300 km/the hour. Harley Davidson kepincut and intended to buy the motor company from Italia. In belantika the market of the world motor, the name mV Agusta unpopular. Even so in his house personally (Italia), the Agusta motor lost fangs with Ducati, Aprilia and Piaggio with his motor-scooter kind. But in the arena of the motor race was most prestigious, that is Grand Prix Motor, mV Agusta menorehkan the spectacular achievement in three classes. Begun by the class was lowest 125 cc, Agusta became the manufacturer's world champion of five times that were contributed by the racing driver C.Ubbiali in 1991, 1955-1956 were continued in 1958 till 1960. The Ubbiali intensity was shown also in the class 250 cc in era-the 1950 's also with Agusta.

The intensity of the Agusta machine also barked in the GP peak class 500 cc (now MotoGP). By flowing Agusta, Giacomo Agustini had the degree of the world champion totalling 9 successive times (1966-1974). The intensity again, the Italia racing driver in same time (only not many) also doubled his degree in the class 350 cc. Before with Agustini, Agusta has raged in the class 500 cc through the racing driver Mike Hailwood (the world champion 1962-1965) and J.Surtees from England (1958-1960). Nah, the presence F4CC this actually to recall the achievement and the Agusta glory in GP 500 cc. Attracted him, moge this was made by as many as 100 units was the elegant intrinsic object, and was done with the hands with very carefully because used material that was expensive.

over fairing F4CC tersimpang the machine 4-cylinder, Only was not named kapaistas him. Wanted knew, how many of his maximum powers? MV Agusta claimed 200 mobile phones with the speed of the maximum 312 km/the hour (Miles's 195). And the famous actor Bruce Wayne had driven F4 in the film that was starred in by him, The Dark Knight. Harley Davidson placed the interest in buying this Italia motor company, this month also. The circulating news, HD has prepared the budget of Rp 1.03 trillion. These HD tactics actually to facilitate his marketing road in Europe, at the same time jack up market him that this year experienced the decline. Spoke the competitor F4, in his country personally competed with Ducati Desmosedici RR and 1098R with control traction of electronics. His machine, konvigurasi V-twin was supported by Desmodromic Valve technology gear. outside from Italia, Germany that was represented by BMW put forward HP2 Sport. Same like the model 1098R, HP2 have an engine R1200S Boxer Twin that was very light

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