Jumat, 08 Juli 2011

Honda Motor Sales Nearly 18 million units


Honda Motor Sales Nearly 18 million units, Japan, reported a new record of global motorcycle sales in 2010, Achieving increased 19 percent from the same period in 2009 which only reached 15.047 million units. Of the total sales generated, the Asia Pacific market with the acquisition became the largest penyubang reaching 14.378 million units, up 23 percent from the year 2009 which reached 11.702 million units.

Meanwhile, given the region's second-largest contributor to South America which reached 1.64 million units, up 18 percent. In Japan could grow at 8 percent after selling 196,000 units, from 181,000 units collected in 2009.
. The decline also occurred in China, where last year Honda only reached 190,000 units, down 1 percent from 189,000 units. In North America alone a decline in demand of up to 8 percent to 196,000 units from 210,000 units

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