Jumat, 08 Juli 2011

Best Performance of Proof New Jupiter MX

Best Performance of Proof New Jupiter MX, Sentul International Circuit hosted the inaugural test ride Yamaha Jupiter MX 2010. This new motor directly driven bulldoze Sentul circuit. Jupiter MX 2010 accelerated until at 110 km / h on straight track. Then bulldoze the bend with an average speed of 70 km / hr. This is the ideal mopeds that are intended for bikers who want a real moped performance.

Now fast motor has two types. There is a clutch and there is also a standard (Manual Clutch). This is the latest generation of Yamaha Jupiter MX series after the first output in 2005. Motor is able to maximize performance on Yamaha Moped class. With a 135cc engine power plus Dyasil Cylinder technology makes Jupiter MX 2010 as a motor with reliable power class.

In addition to the power of machines that are owned, New Jupiter MX 2010 also has a sophisticated design. This motor has a futuristic design that looks from a small lamp located in front of a curve of the taper. This motor has a design like an eagle eye. While the concept of fairing still mengukuti Jupiter MX previous series. Then from the rear view also integrates with futuristic concept with tilt angle and a sharper.

Moped Technology Innovation
New Jupiter MX 2010 is the development of previous generations of Jupiter MX. Motor strength lies in technological innovation DyAsil Cilinder. Since the first Jupiter MX came out, the motor is already using this technology. DyAsil Cilinder become one of the standards in developing Yamaha motor. Previously, this technology is applied in series Yamaha R. As YZR-M1 series used by up to become MotoGP world champion 2010.

Create a lover of Jupiter MX in the presence of Jupiter MX 2010 gives confidence to conquer the streets in daily life. With performance and technology owned by Jupiter MX 2010 to make bikers more comfortable and powerful. If you want more in knowing what the contents and other forces of New Jupiter MX? Visit the Yamaha Cup Race in Kemayoran Jakarta November 27 to 28 this. This is where New Jupiter MX drove up to the maximum torque.

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