Selasa, 19 Juli 2011

Kawasaki klk 110

Kawasaki klx series Certain mini motorcycles have taken on sort of a double life over the years, in that adults appreciate them as much as kids and beginners do. So it is with Kawasaki’s KLX™110, which just might be the most versatile mini bike of all time. And it’s easy to see why: The little KLX is simply a blast to ride, packing the sort of confidence-inspiring and easy-to-access performance that makes kids, beginners and more experienced riders grin within their helmets all day long.

Packed with cool performance and convenience features, the 2011 KLX110 includes push-button electric starting that makes it easy to get going. There’s also a traditional kick-start lever for backup duty, but once riders get used to the magic button they’re likely to forget all about it. The super-dependable 111cc four-stroke engine is surprisingly torquey and easy to use, and incorporates Kawasaki’s latest intake, exhaust and ignition thinking, for smooth running and impressive power. The semi-automatic gearbox boasts four speeds to access the KLX’s full spread of torque. And Kawasaki’s automatic centrifugal clutch system, which allows easy no-clutch shifting, lets novice riders concentrate on the ride and not the lever.

Optimum wheel and chassis control is a key factor with any beginner/kids bike, and the KLX obliges with quality suspension front and rear. A single shock with 4.3 inches of travel and plenty of bottoming resistance handles things out back, while a beefy, 30mm telescopic fork offering 4.3 inches of wheel travel tames the bumps up front. Tapered roller bearings at the bottom of the steering stem add durability.

With all these features it makes sense that the 2011 KLX110 mimics its KX™ cousins styling-wise. And that’s why the design team outfitted the bike in radical, KX-inspired bodywork: gas tank, seat, side panels, shrouds and fenders look as if they’re straight off the race winning KX450F. A comfortable, MX-style seat is part of the deal, along with a handlebar bend that gives a high degree of comfort and control to a wide variety of riders.

Comfort. Control. Surprising yet manageable power. Great looks. Legendary Kawasaki reliability. Push-button starting. And all this in a small, kid- and novice-friendly package. It’s no wonder adults and veterans love riding little KLX when the kids are tuckered out.

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