Rabu, 27 Juli 2011

Mission Acomplished: Engine Guard finished!

This morning after being taken to the garage immediately undertaken.Materials engine guard for Tiger directly measured to the frame. Apparently Tiger's engine size is too big guard to the bottom while the Apache is a cradle for the engine guard so would not want to be cut.
The side engine guard is cut so cm and bottom of the iron arches cut to adjust.Cutting must be precise because the welded directly afterwards. Previously made so that the handle itself can be installed to guard the base engine in the Downtube.
Once welded, and still have made an adapter for mounting on the Downtube. Installation of indirect plek penyesuaikan would have to exist on the right and left.
The end result was pretty neat just to the welding-weld had to be repainted because the paint is less neat. But overall job could say okay, the total cost for materials and workmanship is USD 180 thousand.

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