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new motorcycle modification bajaj pulsar shirtless italian


new motorcycle bajaj pulsar shirtless italian. we will briefly confused, motorcycles what's this? but because there are brands that installed in the engine three-wheeler. it is clear that, this bike is made in Indian country, and in southeast asia motor is enough to dominate the market and compete with other leading brands, such as, honda, yamaha, suzuki, kawasaki even.

If only writing motorcycle brand in the gas tank, firing and under the rear seat removed, you must have guessed it MOGE (big motor). In fact, if glimpsed from the front like the Italian-made motors that are now victorious in the superbike world championship.
Indeed, this two-wheeled vehicle called the Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTS-I-made 2007 came from India. Heri Syahrimen, the owner who lived in Riau this.

The concept is simple, do not have to alter the body which has been characterized judged sport turing.Ia apply only full-dress style firing aka MotoGP model. "Pulsar will be added box for touring," says the chairman of Bajaj Riau Community (RBC).

Uniquely, the Bajaj Pulsar is tilled home modifications in Ciledug Raya, Tangerang. Rudi, "the repairman engineer" the standard uninstall does not block up the middle for when Bajaj CBR600 model worn clothes are made from fiberglass.

Quite limited to firing only. No! Rudi replace front sepatbor Itallia style motor, Cagiva Raptor. Likewise, the rear sepatbor Dainese design is applied that has become characteristic of the modification Blessing Motor (BM) where Rudi dressing motor.

In addition to the standard middle, front sokbreker also be mounted firing booster when they wanted. Probably not be replaced because the owner would still like to use by default. but long shokbreker with insufficient front handlebar clamp.

Rudi was not losing my mind. The solution, using quasi-adapter that is made from steel pipe with a diameter similar quasi-standard. Pipe was then made drat systems and closed tomorrow. Made 5 cm in length

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