Jumat, 08 Juli 2011

new motorcycle yamaha fazer ys250


new motorcycle yamaha fazer ys250, YBR 250 Fazer is equipped with bullet light features an electronic injection system with a variety of sensor in which one can stop working if the motor injector tilted more than 65 degrees, forged pistons, and ceramic-coated cylinder.

The engine itself was cubication 249 cc SOHC, 5 speed, oil-cooled power and can produce 21 horsepower at 7500 RPM and propeller engine torque at 6500 RPM kgf.m 2:10. This motor fuel tank can contain as much as 19.2 liters of gasoline. Pelk size 2.5-inch front rim 17 'and rear rims 3.00 pelk rim 17 as well. Chassis type double motor using similar chassis cradel Scorpio Z. Front suspension 37 mm telescopic size. ... Flanking double-piston front brake discs and 289 mm rear brake discs flanking a single piston 220 mm

Console meter combines digital and analog type. using analog tachometer needles. there are also LCD displays that contain information speed (speedometer), dual trip (trip 1 and trip 2), odometer fuel (f-trip) that can predict far away by the information capital petrol in the tank, fuel indicator, digital clock and indicator lights

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