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new yamaha Jupiter MX facelift


new yamaha Jupiter MX facelift, If previously rumored that Yamaha will launch the Jupiter MX facelift, it was so viewed directly by Kompas.com, these sports ducks changed completely. Not only the entire body, but also a total change made to the machine.

However, the dimensions of Jupiter MX is still maintained. Likewise, capacity, diameter and stroke, and engine compression ratio.

With changes in technology design and manufacture of piston engines and material cylinder surface, the result, the efficiency of capacity 135 cc bike is getting better. Power All-New MX engine larger bit though obtained in the same round (see table).

Overall, the appearance of All-New Jupiter MX is more sporty and muscular. Now, the rear wheels are equipped with sepatbor which is under the rear frame. On the instrument panel, there is a change in the ignition. The striking changes, MX now uses two brake discs, which is in front and behind.

In addition to observing detail changes to the body and engine, Kompas.com also had tasted this motorcycle. New engine performance changes because now, the MX uses manual clutch and 5-speed transmission. The new MX gas strap also made double in order to obtain a spontaneous response when dibetot fast. Other changes are the size of the rear tire a wider rim.

The motorcycle, which was launched on November 25 this coming, though changed completely, but the price is not much increased. "It is estimated around USD 500,000," said Indra Dwi Sunda, Promotions Manager of PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI). Currently Jupiter MX sold USD 15.475 million (on the road, Jakarta and surrounding areas).

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