Jumat, 08 Juli 2011

the power of yamaha Xeon


the power of yamaha Xeon,
DiASil Cylinder

This type of cylinder has a strong resistance against wear / friction and is very easy to remove the heat so that the shelf life is longer (durable)

Liquid Cooled

To keep the engine temperature conditions in order to remain stable, especially in bad road conditions or for long distance driving

Forged Piston

Having a very strong resistance against wear / friction and lighter weight which makes piston has a longer shelf life

Throttle Position Sensor

Carburetor equipped with TPS to generate the ideal ignition timing that produces more complete combustion, and fuel consumption becomes more efficient
Auto choke consumer ease when starting the engine in cold conditions / early morning

Ergonomic Seat Design
fitur of: www.yamaha-motor.co.id

Spacious luggage capacity that can store more stuff, including half face helmet

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