Selasa, 19 Juli 2011

Stoner: Pedrosa-Lorenzo a serious threat


Casey Stoner admitted that his team mate at Repsol Honda, Dani Pedrosa and Yamaha rider Jorge Lorenzo, became a serious threat in the hunt for the MotoGP World Championship 2011. Spanish duo performance in three series this season premiere a reference Stoner.
Indeed, Pedrosa and Lorenzo have shown their potential since the start of the season. Although in the series opener in Qatar, they lost from Stoner, in the next two series, in Jerez and Estoril, Lorenzo and Pedrosa can not be matched by Stoner. That's because when they compete (Lorenzo and Pedrosa at Jerez champion champion at Estoril), even Stoner slumped with a wide gap.

Currently mastering the Spanish duo standings. Lorenzo is still on top with a total of 65 points, followed by Pedrosa with four differences. While Stoner was third on 41 points achievement.

Seeing that there is competition, Stoner admitted that Lorenzo and Pedrosa became champion favorite. However, the 2007 world champion, said that it is difficult to predict who will become the strongest competitor.

Stoner, who finished third in the Portuguese Grand Prix last weekend, saying, "You can not say which one is more dangerous than others. Jorge is a world champion and world champion whoever the previous year clearly has a target on him and he is leading standings. "

"On paper you could say that he is the strongest, but Dani could race through some barriers and have a great race. They are both very strong so you can not say that one is more powerful than others at this time."

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