Jumat, 08 Juli 2011

Suzuki Boulevard M109R Limited Edition


Suzuki Boulevard M109R Limited Edition, my writing this time in the quotation from sportku.com, in which the manufacturer issued a special edition of Suzuki, whose name is suzuki boulevard.

Suzuki Manufacturing America recently issued a limited edition model at one of the variants in the Cruiser class. Namely Suzuki Boulevard M109R Limited Edition. Beautiful design combined with stout body posture make this bike look very elegant. On the legs look stocky reinforced sporty impression on this bike.
Boulevard M109R Limited Editon has a very distinctive character as a sporty vehicle. Dominated by black and mixed red line stretching across the middle makes this bike look more beautiful. Motor is equipped with new instruments such features LED indicator lights and digital tachmometer. M109R equipped with DOHC V-Twin engine capacity of 1783cc liquid-cooled. The system uses fuel injection system equipped with Suzuki's Dual Throttle Valve (SDTV). This system uses 56mm throttle body that can optimize the air inlet so that the pull down to medium-sized stable. With a digitally-controlled exhaust system with the SET (Suzuki Exhaust Tuning).
Motor is reinforced with sturdy legs. In the visible shock front suspension 46mm upside down while standing behind the shock wore link 4.66 inch model that is ready to dampen vibration aft sector. M109R wearing sharp braking system. Front brakes use dual 310mm discs with 4 piston calipers and 275mm single disc with 2 piston calipers in the rear sector.

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