Selasa, 19 Juli 2011

Suzuki Step


Suzuki Hayate comparison with suzuki step.
The 125cc, SOHC and 4-stroke engine of the Suzuki Step 125 is given more oomph thanks to the Suzuki Electric Composite Material (SCEM) cylinder. The SCEM cylinder allows for improved heat transfer, and lightweight and tighter piston clearance, cutting down on wear and tear for moving parts. This translates into lower maintenance fees and excellent savings for you!

The sporty, stylish meter panel provides quickly-deciphered speedometer readouts and allows you to swiftly check fuel level and indicator light status. There's no need to fumble for your handbag anymore thanks to the easily-accessible accessory pocket under the handlebars. If you can't fit all your daily travel needs in it, there's always a generous 5-liter storage compartment at your disposal.

The graceful design of a Suzuki motorcycle is unmistakable, and the stylish lines of its profile are echoed by the integrated tail lights that guarantee visibility even when it's pitch black darkness outside.

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