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Transgender So Aprilia Supermoto Motorcycle Racing!


Transgender So Aprilia Supermoto Motorcycle Racing!good modification
Well, scratch the soil motor modifications virus aka trail and supermoto become more and more motor sport. Earlier we know Moriwaki, home modifications from Japan who modify Honda CRF 250 to motor sport for racing in Japan.

This time shift Beon Automotive Spaniard did the same. Home modifications also draw on an Aprilia SXV 450 into motor sport that is ready to race. Forms of trail that tall, gaping wide fenders and seats that lean out of sight. Fairing and motorcycle racing style tires so instead.

But the difference, if Moriwaki chassis made its own use, while Beon Automotive using chassis built trail. It may be a question, why scratch your motorcycle chassis are made of land which is not motor racing destining?

The answer is light weight, weighs only 120kg SXV 450. After the modified weighs only 10kg to 130kg increases. In addition, of course, the problem of cost efficiency. So cheap because baseball needs to make a new chassis.

Now to change this supermoto be ready to be driven on the track. What changed most in the foot-leg. Among other things, and rear suspension. Jai finger rim-rim was removed replaced with bars. And of course the body is replaced with a full fairing dress that was more aerodynamic.

SXV engine itself capable of spitting out 60 hp power in their default state. It has not been modified for more yahud you know! If it is not enough, SXV 550cc variant which has greater strength 10dk. Fast enough not to become a motor racing?

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