Jumat, 08 Juli 2011

Yamaha managers 'surprised' by speed Lorenzo


Yamaha managers 'surprised' by speed Lorenzo "We have received good information at the end of the day, so we have been able to make a few steps and reach some decisions. Tomorrow we have a few more things to test, but for today we were quite satisfied."
New Lorenzo's Yamaha team-mate Ben Spies also composed under the fastest lap time of the 2010 Malaysian GP in fifth place overall, just under four tenths adrift again, and thoughts about the day America can be read here.

As the duo prepare to bring a special 'one-event' Yamaha Factory Racing Blue de-brand design on days two and three as part of Yamaha's anniversary celebrations last World GP 50 - and steel themselves for further development work and Bridgestone tires -test - Yamaha Factory Racing Team Director and team manager Spies' Massimo Meregalli generally satisfied with the result that the opening day.

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