Jumat, 08 Juli 2011

yamaha sport touring FJR1300A


yamaha sport touring FJR1300A, Your comfort is on FJR1300A vehicle, with a unique combination, this will take you to travel far, 1,000 km in a day you can travel with FJR1300A.

Any road that you travel, tortuous, sharp turns, wet roads or dry, stay comfortable would you feel. night and day not a hindrance, to your journey. yamaha FJR1300A, in creating an adventure only for your convenience. with a balance of high-tech machinery, and the body in creating, very propesional.
ever, yamaha FJR1300A will faithfully accompany you to the destination
Powerful, 1298 cc, 4-cylinder engine

1298 Machine FJR1300A's big cc 4-cylinder releasing performance - a large plateau of torque easy ride, and 143.4 PS velvet-smooth top-end. This is all the power and reliability you need.
one more feature that exists in yamaha  FJR1300A is, seat and handlebar, you can set your own. even if you want, you can set the air system, if the weather is hot.

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