Jumat, 02 September 2011

2012 Ferrari 458 Spider Drops its Hardtop [w/ Video]

2012 Ferrari 458 Spider front 3/4 view

Despite being, along with the California, one of the “cheap” (and we use that term so loosely you could drive the Queen Mary 2 through the gap) Ferraris, the 458 Italia features performance figures that blow two of the company’s past halo cars (the F40 and F50) into the erbacce and cause the most recent one (the Enzo) to suffer panic attacks and night terrors. All that from a little normally-aspirated 4.5L V8.

Unfortunately, if you hang your hat in a place with a temperate climate, your only fresh air options in an Italia are a) roll down the driver’s door window, b) roll down the passenger’s door window, or c) roll ‘em both down. Not exactly sufficient for taking full advantage of a typical Malibu or Monaco summer day, is it? Luckily, Ferrari is about to release a proverbial patch for this proverbial bug in the form of an open air 458, the 2012 458 Spider.

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