Jumat, 02 September 2011

The Girls of the 2011 Motion Auto Show

2011 Motion Auto Show Girls

The 2011 Motion Auto Show took place on Sunday, August 21st, at the Long Beach Convention Center. As one of the biggest enthusiast shows of the year in SoCal, the event was widely anticipated and heavily attended. Besides all of the sport compacts, exotics, tuners and crazy one-off builds, there were, of course, a ton of hot import models providing eye candy from every corner of the hall.

To keep things spicy, Import Tuner Mag and PAS Mag had live model search shoots going on during the day and there was a bikini contest to keep the crowd hype. And Sub5zero was represented by the lovely Roxy Ayala and Jelly Ranger. Check out the booth babes, promo models and car show girls after the jump. 

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