Jumat, 02 September 2011

Modifikasi Supermoto 2011

There's aloof heard his name Kraknaji 250 motor. Supermoto's affectionate that can be continued in two fields, city and soil. Even able to fly, admitting not as aerial as motocross. Want to apperceive the agent of this motor?
What is clear, not bogus plant, but the home modifications Hawex Custom Factory (HCF) of the Village Ciilat, Sukadaga, Ciamis, West Java. Architect him, Uus Husnaeni, accepted for its handmade detail in anniversary architecture component. Included in this Kraknaji 250 Supermotorad has becoming not buy apparatus so.
Hence, some apparatus acclimated in the 1997 Honda Tiger abject fabricated adapt by Uus. Like a skeleton with a minimalist concept. Uus said, like the European supermotorad.
Most interesting, agenda the beat arm. "Shape assistant or assistant model," declared Uus. Such a archetypal called because of assorted considerations. In accession to a beneath wheelbase, this anatomy comes to minimizing, if charging off-road terrain. The arm beat is fabricated with CNC machines from blended abstracts of aluminum and steel.
Meanwhile in addition part, the architect advised it perfectly. For example, bogus abbreviate tank, but fit accommodates 7 liters. Trus, anatomy deepening in the centermost and courage nets archetypal tubular contrived.Modifikasi Supermoto 2011
"This motor is actual ridiable. Weighs 98 kg with a 142 cm wheelbase and bench acme of 52 cm," said the owner. Ground approval accountable by 35 cm in acme in adjustment not concerned.
If there is activity to change, let abandoned done myself, Uus advertise apparatus separately. The absolute package, starting from the chassis, beat arm, bench and catchbasin dibanderol USD 7.5 million.

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