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honda win


modifikasi honda win 2011

Display the robot Bumblebee in the Transformers movie hero originally from a Chevrolet, in Wonogiri can be realized from an old motorcycle. Complete with color and text as the original identity of the robot. With the selection of an appropriate composition and harmonization, it seems the filmmakers in Hollywood there would be stunned.
Modifikasi Honda Win from Wonogiri 2011modifikasi honda win 2011 wonogiri
The key to this change the selection size
and composition of parts that fit. Just look for used wheel rim ring 14 inches only. There must be a reason for the proposed election skubek rim of this.

"That's because of Honda engines Win was small, upright baseball, too. Therefore, if we are using 17-inch rim ring baseball seemed fitting," said Amber Erpea Rujito of home modifications, Wonogiri. Wow, very appropriate for this Amber.

But, that does not mean the small ring is not solid. Amber outsmart the palm of a fairly wide selection. For example, the rim back to 3 inches. "In addition, tires should also be chosen that fits the dimensions in order to cover the weaknesses of earlier machines," cuap men 30 years.

Amber is also very aware that motor weakness point is there in the form of the little machine. Another trick to cover up this weakness is the installation of boongan in front of the engine radiator. "It originally had a Suzuki Carry, but cropped and resized," said shop owner from Jl. Colonel Sugiono No. 16, Wonogiri, Central Java.

There is one more moment you will look harmonious. Namely the addition of such engine cover at the bottom. "It was made from the fiber and the size is not too large. What is important to upgrade the condition of the area below," chortled the youth who are still looking for love this.

When making body, Amber is also baseball want to be too insistent with large size. "In fact, back order removed so that the motor looks short. Few recognized that this is an idea from our friends in seputaran bearers WJS Navan," he admitted honestly.

Because the concept of robots, would have to look more solid. For that, Amber uses a 2 inch diameter pipe to create a new framework. While in some parts remain naked. "The objective is that people see that even though the motor is small but has a solid bone," said Amber.
Camera Cutom

When viewing a motorcycle head lamp, we will be slightly confused because of the camera lens to accompany the light. How come there is a camera and is it working? Continue to function for what? Do-not just for style doang?

"That merupkan custom of a small camera. Of course there are functions, namely to release the shutter in front of the object that is when the motor invited turing. That way, we have memories of the area that has been passed," the story of Amber length. Meanwhile, for light use copotan from Honda Karisma.

The selection of the motor this duck because, according to Amber deemed most fitting to dicustom like a robot head. "The form is a little square I think fits with the body design that also has a lot of groove," explained the owner of the motor that also this culinary enthusiasts.

Front tire: 110/60-14 Swallow
Rear tire: 120/70-17 Swallow
Rims: TDR
Upside down: Work
Sok back: Jupiter MX
Body: Custom
Muffler: Custom
Head lamp: Honda Karisma
Stop lamp: Honda BEAT
Erpe a: 0857-2536-7433

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