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Modifikasi Minerva Megelli 250 One Make Race (OMR)
Yesterday (13 / 3) afternoon, the editorial crew stopped at the Sentul Circuit, Bogor. Uh, actually met some Megelli Minerva unit 250 that has dimodif for racing racing. Reportedly PT Minerva Motor Indonesia (MMI), will make One Make Race (OMR) in the near future.

Apart from his racing event, consider the appearance of motor racing minerva Megelli 250. Although not much change in meaning, but his form has been like a real racing motorcycle. Can make daily inspiration modif ya, especially those who like the look of racing look!

Modifikasi Minerva Megelli 250  One Make Race (OMR)Modifikasi Minerva Megelli 250 One Make Race (OMR)

"Just the standard engine, because it should be the standard specification in the OMR. So the driver just setting the suspension" said Jasin Jazid, Div Plant Head PT MMI. "So also with the design of its body, still the standard"he continued.
For example, standard fixed fairing, just the lights removed. The process with fiber wear patchwork. What is mah eces done. Oiya for daily use, should the lights continue to function normally yes! The next step is to make a single seater. Stay pairs only cover the seat behind him.

"Cover the back seat is sold separately as a variation," said Apong Arfiansyah, General Manager Sales and Marketing Group MMI. Furthermore, most limited to changing tires and Footstep racing.

Modifikasi Minerva Megelli 250  One Make Race (OMR)
Modifikasi Minerva Megelli 250 One Make Race (OMR)
"If it's really worn racing, racing Footstep necessary so as not easily fixed when cornering," Jasin said. "While the standard size tire wear big enough," he continued. The final touch live brain-tweaking the color. Easy really, the motor is in this photo using a cutting sticker to create interesting graphics.

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