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kawasaki ninja motorcycle history


kawasaki ninja motorcycle history this artikel from, triatmono,wordpers.com. Kawasaki is known as a manufacturer of ships, lokomotive, aircraft, motor and missiles. Shozo Kawasaki 1878 Kawasaki founded in Tokyo as the company's shipbuilders. 1881 Kawasaki Shipyard Hyogo, Hyogo Kawasaki Shipyard stood in Hyogo, and in 1896 merged with Tsukigi Shipyard and formed the Kawasaki Shipyard Corp.. During World War II, Kawasaki produce submarines and supertankers .. ! After World War II, the Allies separate division of Kawasaki Steel maker (because of strategic steel industry tuh ... wonder also why we want to privatize Krakatau Steel .. ed.) And the Kawasaki Steel Corporation. In 1949, Kawasaki decided to enter the motorcycle industry producing engines with motors

Kawasaki makes the motor 60cc 2 stroke, 150cc and 250cc and 4 strokes by adopting technology BMW Germany, which had previously been working with BMW in the field of aircraft industry. In 1954, Kawasaki Motorcycles produce motors intact with Meihatsu name. Sat on the joint kawasaki also produce scooters, but they realized that a little heavy to compete with 'giant' industry was the Fuji Rabbit scooter and the Mitsubishi Silver Pigeon.

Kawasaki Motorcycle own history can not be separated by Meguro Motorcycles. Meguro is in Japan known as the "senior" than the Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki ... and is regarded as the "King of the Four Stroke". Meguro entered the motorcycle industry of Japan in 1937, and has a good relationship with the government and received many orders, especially for military needs. The first bike is a Z97, 500cc rocker-valvez influenced by motor Motosacoche Switzerland. Motor is quite successful and continues to be produced until the 1950's. In addition, Meguro also produces 250cc and 350cc, single cylinder as well as high performance twin cylinderz. Twin Cylinder 650cc and 500cc was made ... by Meguro and pantaslaagh regarded as a senior .. because of the heavy-weight that much already .. homemade ...! Naagh in 1960, Meguro acquired by Kawasaki And in 1962 to Kawasaki Motorcycles ...!

What next gait Kawasaki ... where seedlings from heavy industry and Meguro influence as a respected manufacturer of motorcycles in Japan ... we follow the subsequent discussion ...

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