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new motorcycle Kawasaki Vulcan


new motorcycle Kawasaki Vulcan. Kawasaki have prepared like harley davidson motorcycle. harley davidson motor cruiser which is a lot of fans, especially in America. however, many competitors will this type of motorcycle.

But make no mistake, some other motor manufacturers also prepared a lot of models to be a dark horse competitor HD. One of them who have set up Kawasaki Vulcan Kawasaki latest. The model will be marketed beginning in 2011 was named Vulcan 1700 Vaquero.

In Spanish, means Vaquero Cowboy. Perhaps, Kawasaki riders want segagah Cowboy, but as comfortable as driving in the car cabioret. Although comfortable and equipped with sophisticated fitung, drivers could still feel the wind.

Motor has just made its debut in North America are using the machines configured V-twin 1700 cc SOHC, liquid-cooled and equipped to have up to 146 Nm of torque. And his gearbox has a 6 speed.

Uniquely, in order to spoil the rider, Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Vaquero equipped with electronic cruise control like luxury cars. This feature allows the rider can hold rounds of gas at a certain speed so that your right hand can be more relaxed.

Electronic cruise control can be easily operated from the right handlebar and is used at speeds between 48 to 137 km / hour. To disable it, riders stay on the brakes or close the sheath gas.
Who's in design, which sold 16,499 motor U.S. Dollars or equivalent to Rp 148 million of this very thick feel of explorers. Equipped with a fairing and bagger or luggage bag. Low seating position and length and was impressed sporty provide a relaxed ergonomics typical touring bike.

More mwewah when viewing the panel at dashbordnya. Because equipped audio dengansistem has FM, AM and WX and is compatible with iPod, XM tuner or CB radio.

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