Jumat, 08 Juli 2011

new yamaha v-ixion 2010 vs yamaha f16 byson


new 2010 Yamaha V-Ixion vs yamaha F16 byson
finally appears also after a long talk.
no changes are noticeable from the first V-Ixion, just at the front are replaced, and even then yamaha Byson rich quick. but this is the strategy to balance with the yamaha YMKI Byson, a little cheaper than the V-Ixion.



he said prices range from 21 million only, hmm can not vi-xion survive yamaha, yamaha When compared with bison that cost between 18-19 million? only you lovers of motor sports that can be judged, if I think he would survive because v-Ixion facelift already injek fuel, while the byson still using the radiator with air conditioning system. see the difference in the picture that I took from several sources ...

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