Jumat, 08 Juli 2011

new yamaha motorcycles, yamaha Byson


new yamaha motorcycles, yamaha Byson. yamaha obviously did not want to miss, one more motor sport was ready at launch Yamaha FZ160 or better known by his nickname Byson.
Yamaha Yamaha FZ160 or bison again crowded in talking about, the article of this bike is priced under the saucy vi-xion, only around 18-19 million at a price that much is clear yamaha yamaha FZ160 or bison will be able to compete with other motor sport.

with a stocky body and ferocious bison yamaha is very much in comparison with his brother-xion vi thinner but calm.
she says her tires already use tubles, knapot more big and the most difference is the headlights are not round anymore. the engine is still use the air conditioning did not like vi-xion who've just ful injek.power FZ160 Bison</b> 14hp and torque only 13.6nm compared with V-Ixion reaching 16hp and torque which reached 14.5 nm. FZ-16 is the pioneer users of midship muffler in Indonesia.
well if the price is cheaper than vi-xion, how is the fate of vi-xion for the future, whether vi-xion would be no changes to the look? or just rely on technology injek? liat aja us later

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